Pension Loans

Pension Loans 

Do you have a pension fund in excess of £50,000? Do you want to release the cash in your pension?

More and more people just like you, are turning to Pension Loans in order to get access to money. Unlike traditional loans a Pension Loan can be more flexible providing you directly with a lump sum – especially if you need the money in a hurry.

What about the tax?

Unlike some other programmes employed with a pension loan the methodology applied to your £50,000 plus pension loan is fully recognised by HMRC. Having full legal compliance. This programme attracts a zero percent tax break. This means that more money goes into your account rather than HMRC’s. Meaning more cash from your pension.

What are people using the money for?

The really great news is that you can use the money for reason you wish! You might need the money for debt consolidation. Whether this is for paying off your mortgage or other loans. You might need to pay a tax bill. You might need to pay off what can be crippling charges on your credit card. This can be a very good use of the money as the charges made on credit cards can be especially high.

You might need the money to fund a new venture or to resolve cash flow problems within your existing business. If you’re using the money for this purpose then that’s good news. As with a little determination and hard work you’ll be able to replenish your funds in the future.

You might, as many other have, been watching the performance of your pension fund and thought “I could do better myself”. If that’s true you can draw the money from your pension and invest it in any financial vehicle you wish. Stocks and shares. Property. Anything.

What about the interest rate applied on Pension Loans?

That’s the really interesting thing about a pension loan is that they can attract zero rates of interest. This means that, unlike most other sorts of loans, the amount you borrow doesn’t grow. All without those crippling added fees or penalties.

How do you start to apply for a loan?

That’s the really easy bit! All you need to do is fill in the form at the top of the page and click ‘send’ and you’ll be well on the way!

The fantastic bit is that exploring these opportunities is entirely FREE.

Putting you in control getting you more cash from your pension.

You can decide how much you want to draw as a loan from your pension. This can be the full amount of just a percentage. The choice really is yours.

What are the downsides to a Pension Loan?

As the Financial Standards Authority (FSA) pointed out in release CRED64aP:

“Unlocking your pension will almost certainly mean that you will have less income in retirement.”

This is, without doubt, certainly true. However, if you’re experiencing financial difficulties today what use will be a pension in the future? Or, indeed, if you think you can out perform your pension fund with other financial vehicles then you’d be foolish leaving your money in a low performing fund.

What to do next?

The next step is to fill in the form. This can be your first step towards getting access to the funding you need.

Still unsure?

Rest assured we take your personal information very seriously. Your details WILL ONLY be passed onto one single provider. All details are sent via encrypted servers. Your details WILL NOT be passed onto anyone else. This means that you will not be bombarded with sales calls, spam or any other irritating call centres. Ever.


Martin Smith
written by Martin Smith

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